The Punch

What finer way to start the evening than with a little snifter of Punch.


We're not just talking any punch either. We've devoured old 19th Century recipe books for the perfect recipe for the evening. 


Punch originated in the 17th Century as a way of disguising the extreme recipes being used to distil alcohol.  The first suggestion of the word Rum was found in the West Indies trade routes and consisted of water, Lime and Rum.


From these humble beginnings, Punch rose to extreme popularity as the master drink at the inauguration of Franklin D Roosevelt- A recipe created specifically for this evening which included 14 different herbs and spices, orange and Champagne being one of them.


Anyway, as you arrive, we will have brewed up a bowl of the good stuff, just to get the juices flowing.


The Punch is on the house. 


The Food

Then we're on to the main event -  the food.


The Starters

We will have a selection of starters to choose from all selected to complement the Chateaubriand. Nothing too full on at this point, there's 600grams of Red meat to contend with next!

  • Alre watercress soup, pickled pear, walnut and goats cheese crostini £8

  • House cured trout gravadlax, caraway buttered rye bread, lemon and dill £10

  • Crispy breaded ox tongue, sweet mustard mayonnaise, Roscoff onions, gherkins and

  • dandelion £8

  • Steamed Exmouth mussels, white wine, garlic and cream, stone baked baguette £8.50

  • Organic local beef rump tartare, anchovy tempura, garlic aioli, egg yolk and sourdough £10



Exceptional Beef

It truly is exceptional meat.  It's off the bone and perfectly butchered. The meat comes from cows reared from birth in the Cotswold National Park. Small herds are reared to maturity in one spot, locally butchered, and then hung for 28 days. 
The Chateaubriand
As legend has it, the chateaubriand was named after a French aristocrat named François-René de Chateaubriand, whose chef invented a method of cooking a large, boneless cut of beef by wrapping it in poor-quality steaks (sometimes recounted as the smaller end pieces from the filet), tying it up, grilling it until charred, and tossing the outer steaks. The perfectly-cooked inner roast was deemed the chateaubriand.
A 600gram Chateaubriand to share between two people:   £58 for 2 people. 
The Tomahawk

Aptly named due to its resemblance to a weapon of war, this 1.2kg ribeye on the....rib is an impressive thing. Being on the bone, it's more bovine in taste than the Chateabriand. They have gained popularity recently and make for a very impressive plate. 

A 1.2 kilogram Tomahawk to share between two people:  £70 for 2 people. (please call to order)

Sauces (1 sauce included in the price)

Peppercorn               BBQ Bourbon Glaze             Béarnaise                 Chimichuri

We are buying these directly from the farm -  no middle man- all the money is going straight to the farmer. 

The Sides to dress the Chateaubriand  & Tomahawk (£3.75 each)


  • French fries

  • Triple Cooked Chips, beef dripping and garlic salt.

  • Potatoes Pomme Anna

  • Cauliflower cheese, truffle wigmore

  • Buttered Swiss Chard

  • Slow roasted mushrooms, stroganoff style.

  • Norfolk carrots glazed with maple spice

  • Hampshire watercress, house vinaigrette


The Puddings - Good luck! We will have a selection of light puddings for your perusal.


  • Sticky toffee pudding with hot toffee sauce

  • Treacle tart with West Country clotted cream

  • Coffee panna cotta with toffee vodka syrup & chocolate pencils

  • Raspberry brûlée with Applegarth flapjack

  • Triple chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream


All puddings are £7each.





The Wines- Specially selected for the evening.

Scotto Family Cellars, Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel, Lodi, California USA 

A bowl of dark fruits and spicy tobacco notes that leap from the glass with rich toffee undertones  £23.90 


Domaine Mur-Mur-Ium, L’Elephant, Grenache, Vaucluse, Rhone, France 

A beautifully balanced wine with ripe red fruits, dusty undertones and a wonderful lingering finish 

£31.90 per bottle or £61.90 for a magnum!