In June 2017, Martin  beat 18 other countries including Argentina, Japan & USA to win the highly coveted World Steak Award for Best Grass Feed beef 

Truly the finest beef we've ever come across.


Exceptional Longhorn Beef from a small heard grasing in the Dartmouth National Park

Martin's family have been farming Long horn cattle for generations. 
Martin’s father and grandfather having been cattle farmers and dealers, the saying ‘it runs in the blood’ could never be more true. They are passionate about keeping every part of the process local.
The farm, Hillview Farm Gretton and the abattoir in Gloucester are all within a 10 mile radius of each other.The Long Horn is the British Isle's oldest breed of cattle and is of excellent quality. He dry hangs the meat for 28 days in a Himalayan Salt room for  the perfect taste. 

Martins Longhorn Steaks won him the prestigeous Taste of the Southwest Awards this year. As you can see,  I'm not the only one raving about it!!!